Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bunny Invasion

Good evening,

I finally got a chance to blog alittle before going to bed. I've been working on my second order of bunny candy jars for Lancaster, Pa. Here are my bunnies all tagged and ready to go. Two boxes were shipped out today! Now I have to work the orders from my job and also my nieces want their bunnies too. :-)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spring Crafts


I've been so busy with my wholesale that I haven't had much time for blogging...shame on me. :-) Hope everyone is doing well and getting those creative ideas done and ready for the spring shows. I have considered doing a spring show in March but it would only leave me about two weeks to get things completed. So instead of stressing over it, I'm going to concentrate only on my site and the wholesale. I'm always trying to do too much and have to remind myself that I'm not superwoman (all though the outfit would look great on me)lol

Here is what I've been working on so far for my wholesale with Keystone Cash & Carry in Lancaster, PA. I made 34 bunny candy jars and within 2 days sold 15 of them. Which means it's back to making more asap! Here is a peek of the bunnies with red & green homespun fabric and also the spring thyme print.

I also made some prim wood lights and some bunnies:

Here is my booth at Keystone:

I still have alot of work to do in order for my booth to look full but at least it's a start. :-) Happy Crafting!