Friday, April 5, 2013

Newest Creations Heading to Lancaster PA

Hi all,

Well the bunny invasion as ended and it was one amazing ride. I made 65 bunny jars in all over a 2 month spand. I still have 12 extra which I divided up and gave to family members for Easter. Now it's time to work on Americana and new prim dolls

So I've made three new items: Here is my Uncle Sam Jar

This is Abagail and her Sheep

This is my Annie and her Sheep with Prim Light

I'm hoping the Uncle Sam jars will take off like the bunnies did but we will see. I still want to make a few more prim dolls and then it's time for Christmas. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but Christmas in July is big in Lancaster which means lots of snowmen! Well I'm off to update my site and also check on etsy. Until next time.. :-)