Trash to Treasure Finds

Friday was a pretty good day and the weather was beautiful so I went thrift shopping. Actually I was spring cleaning and donated a few things but somehow ended up in the store to shop. lol
I got a bread box for "FREE"! The manager said "Since you bought in such a big item that I could have the bread box. I donated a computer screen which I've had in storage for over 3 years now. Here is the bread box and the wooden watering holder was $2.99

On Saturday, Hubby and I spent the day driving and enjoying the great weather (about 78 degrees). I wanted to visit a craft show but it was 2 1/2 hours away. Didn't really want to drive that far so I ended up at the library picking up business books. I can never get enough of learning about running a business. It's addictive!
Then we stopped by a store that had wine tasting. Yummy, of course I had to limit myself to two sips because I didn't want to be driving drunk. lol
Afterwards, we past by a flea market and hubby wanted to stop in. I think he saw fishing poles and sure enough...they were there. :-)
While we were heading back towards the car (nope he didn't buy the poles), I found some great things I can turn primitive which was thes little tool totes and it cost me $1 each. I also bought a bag to hold my promotional packets which was $3.