Saturday, September 29, 2012

Getting Ready for a Show

Hi, It's a rainy Saturday and I'm busy in my sewing room preparing for my first show of the year in Richmond, Va. Boy am I nervous and I know I shouldn't be but everytime I prepare for a show I get that butterfly feeling in my stomach. It will past like usual and maybe it's my way of keeping me focus and on track...who knows. :-)

The room still looks a mess but I organized it enough so I can work and not bump into everything. I have cut out 13 patterns that I've been wanting to try. Here is my pile:

Here is my other dolls which are either missing hair or some final added piece to complete them. I also have another section of misc dolls with bodies, heads, and clothes; which still need to be put together.

On top of it all I have a brand new pattern which I still have to finish but here is what she looks like so far. She doesn't have a name yet but it will come to me. Ok, I'm off to finish up all of these projects. :-)

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  1. wohoo! doing shows are nerve racking yet exhilarating! are u doing Bizarre Bazaar (BizBaz)I was hoping to do it again but it's makes for a LOOOONg day when ur on your lonesome w/o relief.
    Wishing luck!!